I have been thinking about this a lot , and doing a lot of procrastinating while i was at it. I have a website, why not use it as a personal blog where i can talk about anything and everything related to Soko Matemai? Anyway, here we are. I am finally doing this.

I don’t want this to be a predictable personal blog where you can expect what content you are going to get. I already use my social media platforms, specifically Twitter, to sort of micro blog, so this shouldn’t be too hard…. right?


So there won’t be a format or a pattern to it, i just want to be able to communicate with whoever reads this without any rules or expectations or guidelines. More like freestyling.

I subscribe to quite a lot of blogs by Africans ranging from fitness to food, travel and obviously music. I look forward to all the conversations that we are going to have on this platform.

This is me, letting you in.

Love , Soko Matemai.